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Searching for the best golf articles and golf accessories in Mexico?

What about a place on which not only you can find the best brands but the best training level on Golf Academy in Mexico?

PGA Mexico (Products and Golf Academy Mexico) has the solution for you.

We have more than 10 years commercializing the highest quality golf products, golf apparel and all kinds of golf accessories.


If you are looking for:

-Tees, golf drivers, golf bags, golf balls, golf putters, towells, zapatos de golf, and all kinds of specialized golf products you can find them with us.

You can buy online if you prefer, we accept different payment methods (Visa, Master Card, American Express, wire transfer or bank deposit) and we deliver not only in Mexico City but in the whole country.

Besides, if you are looking also for professional coaching and golf training we offer you the Academy service. You will find the most flexible schedule and the lowest rates.

All our coaches are certificated that´s why we can warrantee your results by training with us.

Imagine being able to practice in the best golf camps around the world by using our Simulator Achiever, and not only that, but by measuring your swing speed, the ball golf speed, the golf swing trajectory, and the throw angle, knowing with that data how your improvement is going on.

This is not only a fun but very accurate way for measuring your improvement.

You can find more details by visiting: www.pgamexico.com.mx

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Looking for the ideal fragance for you?

perfumeFew things can tale about your personality without requiring you utter a single word. Undoubtedly, perfumes are one among them.

When chosen correctly, the perfume you wear can make yourself even a spot light. To help you come up with your identity scent, we can recommend you to use the service called: TodoDePerfumes because of their expertise and deep knowledge about this exciting topic.

Did you know that the perfume must be tested in your own skin?

Body chemistry is different in every person. So, how do you choose the ideal perfume?

Here we give you some suggestions:

1) Don´t use any other perfume when you go to a store to try a new one.
2) Find out what smells are the most likely to you, fresh citrics, woods, etc.
3) Do not try more than 3 fragances at the same time.
4) Apply the perfume on your wrist. Wait for about 15 minutes and smell it again, so you can decide if it really likes you or not.
5) Do not compare the perfume your friend likes, remember that every body chemistry reacts different in every one.
6) When the fragance armonizes with your personality, buy it!
7) Keep your perfume in a dark and fresh place because extreme heat or cold could alter it.

As you can see, is not only about the nice smell, you must be aware of the different factors that can allow a better fragance fixation on every type of skin.

You can find tips like these that will help you to choose the right perfume for you and also, the best deals and prices.

Just visit: tienda de perfumes originales

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Are you trying to find a storage service in Mexico?

What if you could move the additional inventory for a fraction of the cost?
What if you could be able to keep your products in a safe space for the period of time you need?

We can offer to you the right solution.

Gominis is the only mobile mini storage service in Mexico that gives you all these benefits and more.


By choosing the size of your storage that matches your needs, (we have 4 different sizes: 6,9,12 and 15 square meters) and following the next procedure, you will be able to solve your storage challenges.

Step 1: Give us a call and tell us what needs do you have
Step 2: Receive the mini storage even in your home or at the office.
Step 3: Load your products, documents, furniture or whatever you are going to keep and don´t worry about the time it takes you, there aren´t additional charges for the time you spend loading the mini storage.
Step 4: Once the mini storage is ready, you can move it or keep it in our Storage Center where will be 100% safe.

Besides that, you can keep more products whenever you want just by sending us a notification with the time you will need to do it, our service is available from Monday to Friday at 9 am until 6 pm.

As you can see, Gominis is the best option in mobile storage service in Mexico City and the rest of the country.

If you need additional information contact us here: mini bodegas en renta

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Looking for the best hotel rates?

Do you need to compare flight rates and car rental rates too?


If you are planning a business trip or a pleasure one, you should try to use ViajaCompara.com, the first metasearch that allows you to identify with a simple 3 step process, the best option in hotel rates, flight rates and even car rental rates.

Wherever you want to travel, just follow these steps:

1) Enter your destination
2) Type the date of arrival, the day you plan to leave and the quantity of rooms that you need.
3) Click the “search hotel” button And you´re done!

compara precios de hoteles

This service is 100% free and you can compare the best tourist dealer around the world in order for you to cut your expenses on each and every trip you plan from now on.

The system will redirect you right to the landing page of the service you need and as a result you will get the best hotel rate, and for flights and car rental you just follow a similar simple process.

Our main goal is to help you to save money, time and headaches by simplifying your trip planning. It´s never been so easy to make better and informed decisions every time you´re planning a trip.

Remember, we don´t sell, we find the best hotel deals, visit: http://viajacompara.com/

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Are you looking for an office to rent in Mexico?

Your business is growing faster that your revenue?

Check the excellent service that networkoficinas.com has for you.

We give you the business support services you need and the office space your corporative wants.


The bilingual team and elegant infrastructure will ensure your company has a competitive advantage. Amenities include the following services:

A dedicated telephone number, telephone answering, a business adress or tax adress, the right to use our business center on a monthly basis according to the plan that matches your needs, package reception, and many other personalized services.

All our offices are equipped with the best technology and nice design to bring you not only functionality but comfort.

In Network Oficinas our main purpose is to offer to you the best business support and workspace to help your business grow.

You will reduce your expenses and increase your revenue by having a professional presence at a very low price.

You can also choose the location that works best for you, our offices are in Polanco, Altavista and Reforma in Mexico City.

Our office service provides you with all the benefits of a permanent office at a fraction of the cost. A virtual office service in Mexico City is an ideal option for small businesses or international companies seeking a business presence providing all the support needed.

This is the custom-fitted solution you´ve been searching for.

Visit Renta de Oficinas Virtuales DF and ask for the packages we have for you.

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